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About us
We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs that believe that blockchain technology is one of the most important developments of our lifetime.

We have decades of business experience that we bring to every investment that we make in early stage blockchain companies.

Key areas of our expertise and focus include:
Intersection of Metaverse, AR, VR, IOT, NFT Gaming, NFT based Ecosystems as well as technologies that support all the above.
Core infrastructure technologies, Layer1, Layer2, Privacy, Security, Regulatory Compliance
Learning, Entertainment and Decentralized Identity and Access Management
Real world Blockchain integration
We have made capital investments into over 200 innovative projects and we have helped and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs in this space.

We look forward to building the future together with you.
Brian Shevland
Brian Shevland has had a successful 20+ year career operating as an entrepreneur and innovator across the financial services industry. Primarily focused in quantitative investing and investment research, Brian has been recognized by Informa, Morningstar, and Lipper among others for his contributions as a portfolio manager. In his free time, Brian enjoys golf, skiing and surfing.
Theodore Agranat
Since 1998, Theodore has founded various IT and technology startups. In 2012 Theodore started working on crypto related ventures and fell in love with the industry, following the evolution of this space very closely. His main passions are mentoring and advising blockchain entrepreneurs, as well as engaging in a variety of sports in his free time.
We have a very diverse team of Blockchain, Finance, Marketing, Development and Design experts that help as needed on any project we partner with.
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